How to get a press pass as a freelancer

If you are journalists working for a publication you will likely need some form of Request For Accreditation Letter to apply for press passes to any major industry event.
The letter is usually sent via email and signed off by the editor, which gives the event organiser a summary about the publication and any work credentials.

If you are a freelancer or influencer it is most likely that you are independently running a publication or platform, therefore, will have to introduce and apply for accreditation yourself.

When pitching the idea of covering an event for your online platforms and publications as a freelancer, try to keep in mind the marketing needs of the event organiser also if your platform fits into the event category. Example, if you apply to attend a film screening even though the majority of your audience and content is geared towards the beauty industry, you are most probably are not going to be considered for passes. Try and keep events you plan to cover relevant to your niche, and demographic.


So what are the basics event organisers seek?

Event publicity

Event feedback

Audience engagement

With those in mind, you can start drafting your pitch. You may want to include a media kit if you have one. Depending on the event most event organisers will receive hundreds of requests from both UK & International writers and influencers so keep the email short, straight to the point and key.


What to include:

Information about your target audience

Previous event coverage

Analytics/ Traffic Stats

Provide authenticity

An exchange for the press pass.



An example email template

Subject: Press Accreditation: (event name, date).

Hi Emily,

My name is Sam Smith), and I write for Anonymous magazine. I’m contacting you regards to applying for a press pass for perfume product launch party on the 30th September.
All event coverage will be published on 5th October 2019 on the Anonymous magazine website.

Anonymous magazine is an online fashion, beauty and lifestyle platform **give a brief introduction of about your platform/ website** where we cover dozens of high profile product launches each year.

Anonymous gets on average over 120,000 unique views per month.***Give details of your traffic/demographic analytics here**.

I have provided links to previous event coverage below and I am happy to provide any additional information you might require.

Thank you for your consideration!


(Your name).